How to Find and Download AC97 Audio Drivers

Developed through the Intel Architecture Labs in 1997, Audio Codec ’97 (AC97) is Intel Corporation’s Audio “Codec” standard employed mainly in motherboards, modems, and appear cards. AC97 defines a high-quality audio architecture with surround appear assistance with the computer and is also employed in the majority of today’s desktop computer platforms. for the rationale that AC97 is certainly an onboard solution, locating the drivers specific to your program can be difficult.

It can be considered a mess in there!

Locating Drivers
The most tedious way to find the driver for the program is always to visit your motherboard manufacturers website. you will require to learn your motherboard, modem, or appear card unit after which find the drivers page with the appear product within the manufacturers website. when you finally have discovered the appropriate page, following digging through many webpages full of promotions for their most recent devices, there will usually be considered a get a maintain of portion containing appropriate drivers for the device.

This can be specifically exhausting if you ever don’t know your motherboards model. Now, a little bit more function is required. you will have to open up your pc event and essentially appear for any sticker or imprint within the product indicating the brand, unit and version. Now carry that information and make use of the above technique once more to find the driver.

Sometimes the producer puts a stop to supporting your product or its software package becomes nearly unattainable to find. What good is a computer with no sound? you could potentially try to Google the appropriate driver for the motherboard device, sifting through millions of drivers’ webpages and false listings. However, in the process, you might try various drivers that would deter a productive installation!