How to fix Runtime Error 1607 manually?

What is Runtime Error 1607?
Nearly every computer user had been bothered by Runtime Error 1607. It is a very common problem in windows system. Before you know what Runtime Error 1607 is, you should learn what runtime files are first. Runtime file is one kind of registry files in your system. While registry is somewhere programs store their settings. It contains information as what hardware in installed on the system and where it is stored. So once there is something wrong with runtime files, Runtime Error 1607 will occur in your computer.

What will Runtime Error 1607 cause?
If Runtime Error 1607 occurred in your computer, the first problem that comes up to you may be the difficulty to use the program. Some Runtime Error 1607 come out when you run the program, and forbid you from running it again. While there are also some kinds of Runtime Error 1607 which will allow you to continue to use the program, but one annoying alarming notice will always come out telling you that a Runtime Error 1607 happened in your computer.

How to fix Runtime Error 1607 manually?
Upgrade your Windows system to correct wrong time. This is the most popular method among customers who are being bothered by Runtime Error 1607. But it is not the best solution because you may lose some files during the upgrading process. Or you can find out which file or files caused this Runtime Error 1607, search s official patches from internet to correct these corrupted files. This is not a suggested method for you may have chance to download a virus.

Actually, the best way to fix Runtime Error 1607 is looking a professional registry fixing tool to help you. Advanced PC Tweaker shares high reputation in this area. No upgrading system, no searching patches, and your computer’s Runtime Error 1607 can just be fixed by taking a few clicks.

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How to fix Pctsgui.exe error?

Have you ever received one of the following messages?
“Pctsgui.exe. This application has failed to start because XXX.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”
“Can’t find XXX.dll, can’t start Pctsgui.exe”
“ Pctsgui.exe advapi32.dll”
“Pctsgui.exe nvmctray.dll”
“ Pctsgui.exe nview.dll”
“Pctsgui has caused an error in kernel32.dll”
“Pctsgui has caused an error”
“Pctsgui p17.dll”
“Pctsgui.exe nvqtwk”
“Pctsgui has stopped working”
In this article, I will provide you some information about Pctsgui.exe as well as how to fix Pctsgui.exe error.

What is Pctsgui.exe?
Pctsgui.exe is a process belonging to PC tools spyware doctor. If you have installed the tool it will appear in the Task Manager. Pctsgui.exe will be present in C:\Windows\system32. Its main function is to ensure the proper functioning of spyware doctor. Pctsgui.exe error may lead to dangerous events, such as Windows freeze or crashes, high CPU usage and crucial Windows system 32file errors etc. For avoiding the dangerous, you need to fix the Pctsgui.exe error as soon as possible.

How to fix Pctsgui.exe error?
Firstly, the Putsgui.exe – Application Error could be a one-time or temporary issue. Hence, a simple reboot will some the problem correctly.

Secondly, check what you have just installed on the computer. Some newly installed program will sometimes conflict with those installed on the computer. If you start to get the error message immediately after installing a new program, just uninstall it to see what happens. If the error disappears, it is easy to tell that the error was caused by program incompatibility. So a simple program uninstallation process will solve the Putsgui.exe error instantly. If you still get the Putsgui.exe error message, turn to next solution.

Thirdly, besides these two main aspects, to fix the Putsgui.exe error, you should regularly update and install all available software/hardware driver updates; download and install all Windows service packs; defragment your hard disk regularly at least once a week. All of these help to prevent Putsgui.exe error and fix other computer errors effectively.

Lastly, Clean out Windows registry. Registry is a large database inside the Windows system, using to store all important information & settings for your computer in order to make sure the proper running of the computer. However, because of the frequent usages, registry is continually becoming damaged & corrupted as you install & uninstall programs, leading your computer to run much slower with numerous computer problems just like Putsgui.exe application error. Registry errors can be one of the reasons for why you get application error messages from Putsgui.exe file. So, it’s highly recommended that you use a registry cleaner product to scan your registry and fix the problems it may have. By doing this, you can not only fix the annoying application error, but also improve PC performance instantly.

How to fix Filesystem.dll error?

Among all dll errors, Filesystem.dll error will be one of the most common ones. In this article, let’s talk about how to fix Filesystem.dll error on your computer immediately.

Before learning how to fix Filesystem.dll error, we need to come across Filesystem.dll error messages. The error messages are normally like:
“This application failed to start because Filesystem.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. A required component is missing: Filesystem.dll. Please install the application again.”
“Filesystem.dll Not Found”
“Cannot find Filesystem.dll”

I would like to warm you that no matter when you get a Filesystem.dll error message, you need to troubleshoot it immediately. Otherwise, it will cause some errors even worse than this error itself.

How to fix Filesystem.dll error?
Solution one: Update all the outdated drivers
If any windows updates are available, you should install those updates. Some outdated drivers are unable to load Filesystem.dll file and then cause the error. So make sure your drivers are all up to date.
Solution two: Make sure that the computer is well protected against spyware.
Any spyware is able to rename the programs on your computer. Once the spyware disguises as a normal program and run on the computer, it will seriously destroy system core files and steal your personal information, leaving your computer/ your files unprotected. So do remember to install and scan your computer regularly with a powerful anti-spyware program.
Solution three: Fix Windows registry.
The registry plays the most important role for the Windows-based system as it contains information to run all software and hardware on your computer. Hence, when there is something wrong, it will bring in error just like the Filesystem.dll error. However, registry cleaners do the job well for you. Don’t rush to reinstall your system as a simple registry fix can put things in order and even optimize your system.

To sum, you can easily troubleshoot and fix Filesystem.dll error as well as other dll errors by yourself rather than taking your machine to a computer repair shop. Click here to download the top Filesystem.dll error fixer now!

How to fix 0×0000000A error from appearing again and again?

The 0×0000000A error is usually caused by the computer’s inability to process some certain files as they have been corrupted by the NTFS file system. We know that every Windows computer has to save its files to its hard drive using a “file system”, and NTFS (New Technology File System) is the most effective & popular way to do it. However, when the system cannot read and use a series of files, you will sooner or later get the error 0×0000000A with the following format:

* A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer…
* *** STOP: 0×0000000A (0×0000002C, 0×00000002, 0×00000001, 0x804F596E)

How to fix 0×0000000A error from appearing again and again?
First of all, to fix stop error 0×0000000A, you can directly perform a system restore. You need to know that the proper running of the System Restore has something to do with the process “rstrui”. So just go to C:\windows\system32\restore to locate the item “rstrui”, and then right click it to select “Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)”. In this way, you can quickly double click this shortcut to start System Restore from your desktop. If you are in DOS mode, you can directly go to Start -> Run -> type “rstrui” to enable it.

Thirdly, do remember to check and repair software problem. Software issue is a very common cause for the Vista blue screen error when program confliction exists. If you have recently installed new software, games or drivers before the stop error 0×0000000A, you should uninstall them and see if that fixes the problem.

Also, if the RAM of your computer is faulty, your computer will not perform correctly when the Random Access Memory is accessed by CPU, leading your CPU to stop working and the appearance of the Windows blue screen stop error 0×0000000A. The easy way you can do at this time is just to remove 1 stick of RAM and check whether the problem is solved or not. If it does, your computer will be repaired; if not, continue the below steps.

Lastly, what made the appearance of stop error 0×0000000A are some invalid registry keys, possibly due to malware tinkering with your system files. It might also be cause by some obsolete software you have that replaced your registry entries with older versions. Before you grab that Windows disc from your cabinet and reinstall, read this short guide that will help you fix black screen problems on your PC.

Restart your PC
Logon and wait for the black screen to appear
Make sure your PC should be able to connect to the internet (black screen does not appear to affect this)
Press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously
When prompted, Click Start Task Manager
In Task Manager Click on the Application Tab
Next Click New Task
Now enter the command: “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”
But it is a little complicated to fix the STOP error 0×0000000A by modifying the registry manually if you do not have enough computer knowledge. More seriously, a minor mistake in Windows registry will result in more serious computer problems such as program luck-ups, unexpected computer crashes, or startup/shutdown problems because registry files are one of the important sections in your system. So, it is best to fix error 0×0000000A with an advanced registry cleaning tool.

How to fix Windows 7 Blue Screen Error

When Windows 7 detects a problem which it cannot recover or bypass, it displays a Stop error message together with a complete blue screen. Most of the time, these are text-mode error messages that showing the information about the condition. Lots of users are very afraid to get such blue screen error messages as they do not know what they should do and take it as granted that the computer it should be un-repairable. But it is a fact even though such blue screen problems indicate some problems to the computer, there are still some available solutions to fix blue screen free.

Possible solutions
• Blue screen will happen due to some temporary issues on the computer. So, if this is the first time for your Windows 7 to get blue screen problems, restart it to see whether you can start up the computer normally. No matter whether the problem has been solved or not after a system reboot, it is better that you can read through the following solutions for more knowledge to prevent or easy fix blue screen free.

• A blue screen might occur if you have mistakenly installed a faulty device driver, system service, or firmware. So, when getting the blue screen STOP error message, check whether there are some drivers listed. If so, disable, remove, or roll back the driver to correct the problem. If this does not solve the problem, try updating the drivers to the latest ones or contact the manufacturer for possible solutions. You should know that using updated software is especially important to ensure the stable running of the computer, especially for multimedia applications, antivirus programs, and CD mastering tools. By the way, it is best that you can download and install all available Windows update packs and some unknown bugs can most of the time be quickly fixed by the released Windows updates.

• A Windows 7 blue screen problem might also be due to failing or defective hardware. If the Stop message points to a category of devices just like video or disk adapters, you can try removing ore replacing the hardware to see if the problem has been solved or not. And you should bear in mind that do not purchase inferior hardware components if you want to always ensure smooth computer performance and length computer’s lifespan.

• But, if you encounter a blue screen problem while installing some updates, the problem might be caused due to an incompatible driver, system service, virus programs, or backup. So to prevent and avoid blue screen problems while upgrading, try removing all third-party device drivers and system services and get them back when you are able to install the necessary updates.

• Sometimes, the Windows 7 will generate a blue screen when something wrong with the Windows registry. Registry acts as the main part of the Windows-based OS to store all vital settings & options. However, due to virus attacks or a bad program installation & uninstallation, it is very easy to get corrupted or broken, causing the computer to run improperly and unstably with kinds of error messages appearing. So, the last and highly-recommended solution for easy fix blue screen free is to detect and fix all registry errors. This can be easily done by some freeware registry cleaner on the market.

To sum, no matter you are suffering from Windows 7 blue screen problems right now or not, with the above solutions you can effectively prevent & fix them.

How to fix runtime error 6 instantly?

Runtime error 6 is a computer error that usually appears when you try to access a program which you do not have the rights to access. Most of the time, its error message looks like “Runtime error 6 path/file access error”. To my own experience, runtime Error 6 is particularly frustrating as besides displaying an error message, it will not allow you to access your required files properly. Fortunately, there is still some simple and easy ways for you to quickly fix runtime error 6 on your computer instantly.

How to fix runtime error 6 instantly?

There are many causes for the runtime errors on your computer, which ranges from a simple program conflict to registry problem. Below, I will show you detailed and comprehensive information about what causes it and how to fix it on your computer quickly.

1. Confliction with other running program
In many cases, the runtime error 6 will happen when the programs on your computer do not work compatibly with others. If you get the error message soon after install a new program, directly uninstall it and the problem will be solved immediately. If not, you can turn to next solution. By the way, a simple program uninstall job helps to easily solve most other computer problems.

2. Spyware problem
If your issue persists after the above step, it might be caused by some spyware programs as they are able to attack and remove any files from the computer. You should download and run an antispyware program immediately to get rid of all these malicious threats. Besides, it is best that you can let such PC protection program running in the background all the time to realtime block and remove all threats.

3. Problems with Add-on, plug-in, or other extra software
The runtime error 6 can also be caused by other add-ons, plug-ins, or other extra software that has been installed onto the computer. So, if you have any extra software installed that is associated with the program generating the error, make sure that it is updated to the latest ones. Also, you can directly uninstall each of them step by step to see whether the problem has been solved or not.

4. Registry error
If you have followed all of the above recommendations but the problem still remains, it is possible that you might have some registry issues. We all know that registry is the vital part of the Windows-based operating system to store all important settings and options. When something goes wrong or when some invalid/useless entries exist, you will come to the chances to get different kinds of computer problems including the runtime error 6. I recommend that you first download and run a registry clean program to thoroughly scan and remove all registry errors before taking the computer to an technician as this will sometimes quickly solve the runtime problem.

In a word, do not rush to a computer technician when getting the runtime error 6 messages! By uninstalling some incompatible programs, removing viruses/spyware, fixing registry errors etc, you can fix the runtime error 6 quickly by yourself!

How to fix Windows Update Error 0×80070422?

According to most experts, it will be very common for computer to encounter Windows 7 update problems when trying to update their computers. And the most common one should be the update error 0×80070422 telling that “Error(s) Found: Code 0×80070422 when trying to run Windows Update in Windows 7 indicates a problem in connecting to Windows Update Server”. If you receive this error when downloading or installing updates, it tells that a computer virus has turned off the Windows Update, or another service that is needed by Windows Update. So what you need to do first is to scan and clean all viruses first, and then restart these services to see whether you can successfully install the Vista updates. However, if your computer is not infected with a virus, it is recommended that you follow steps below to solve the Windows update problems.

1. Restart services that required by Windows Update

Go to the Start button, click Control Panel, and click System and Maintenance, and then Administrative Tools to open the Administrative Tools.
Double-click Services. If you are asked to enter the administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation to go.
In the Services window, double-click Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
On the General tab, under Startup type, click Manual, and then click Apply.
Click the Log On tab to make sure the service is enabled in every hardware profile listed.
Click the General tab, click Start, and then click OK. When you are in the Services window, double-click Windows Event Log.
On the General tab, next to Startup type, make sure that Automatic is selected.
Next to Service status, check to see if the service is started. If it is not, click Start, and then click OK.
In the Services window, double-click the Windows Update service.
On the General tab, next to Startup type, make sure that Automatic is selected.
Next to Service status, check to see if Started is listed. If it is not, click Start, and then click OK. Enter the password if it is needed.
In the Services window, double-click Software Licensing.
On the General tab, next to Startup type, make sure that Automatic is selected.
Next to Service status, check to see if Started is listed. If it is not, click Start, and then click OK.
Close the Services window, and try to install Windows updates again.
If the Windows 7 update error 0×80070422 still remains, there must be something wrong with the Windows registry. To solve this problem, you need to modify the below registry keys:

1. Click Start , and then Run, type “regedit” into the box and press enter to proceed.

2. Navigate to the following Registry key









3. Once you have found the key, from the right-pane, change the value of the key

“UseWUServer”=dword:00000001 to “UseWUServer”=dword:00000000”

4. Reboot the Windows 7 PC and then you can install the needed Windows updates now.

Warning: Only perform the above registry modification job if you have enough knowledge to edit registry entries! If not, a registry repairing tool will be the best choice for you to automatically troubleshoot and fix all registry problems.

Sometimes, the Windows 7 update problems are caused when you are not connected to the Internet properly. So, you should first check if you are having connectivity problems. Besides, if there is a proxy server used in your Internet Explorer, try disabling the proxy to see it helps or not. This may work in some environments.

Hope that the Windows 7 update problems fix solutions here helps you to enjoy a smooth computer life all the time!