What is the TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I?

TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I is a dangerous Trojan horse that targets on the Windows OS computer. This Trojan horse belongs to malicious process which can cause problems on the infected PC once it has been installed completely. Some PC users report that they get this virus from some infected files, E-mail attachment, or the links on some porn sites, they try to remove the Trojan horse by anti-virus programs but most of them can not remove it completely. TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I virus will keep appearing after restarting or rescanning the infected PC, that is why this Trojan horse is so nasty. The dangerous Trojan horse needs to be removed from the infected PC, or the PC user may become the next victim by it.

In general, TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I virus is able to change the desktop image, homepage and other system items on the infected PC which can cause chaos and problems. the nasty Trojan horse can also download other viruses on the same PC by passing through the security programs. The infected machine will suffer a slow performance which is caused by this Trojan horse virus, it will keep taking over the high resource of the CPU so that PC user have to spend a long time running some programs and even going online. Stop hesitating, it needs to be removed as soon as possible to keep the infected PC safe.

How Can This Virus Attack the Computer?

How did you get TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I virus on your computer? Usually these kinds of the viruses will be planted to some programs especially free programs, .exe, .bat or other executable processes and unsafe links. The computer will get the virus infection when the PC users install, open or click on these infected files. Sometimes the virus can even attack the computer by the files on the USB stick as well. Most of the unsafe website and forum will contain the virus infection, the computer can be infected while visiting these webpages.

What Damage Will be Caused by the Virus:

Generally speaking, this virus can cause terrible virus infection on the infected computer like running slowly and even computer crashing. Once this virus has been installed to the computer, PC users will have to spend a long time opening programs or turning on the infected machine. It keeps taking over the high resource of the CPU and attacking the anti-virus program, other threats can be downloaded automatically from the unsafe website as well. What is worst, the cyber criminals have ability to remote control the infected PC due to this dangerous virus, all the information is in a high-risk of being stolen, the whole computer won’t be safe anymore.

As the above mentioned, TrojanDropper:Win64/Rotbrow.I is a malicious process which is created by the cyber criminals to make the infected PC stay in an unsafe situation. The infected machine will suffer terrible virus infection like browser hijack redirect, rouge program and even the malware, this Trojan horse has become a top virus on the Internet, PC users need to be cautions while dealing with it. Since anti-virus program is not a perfect way to get rid of it, it is suggested that PC users should remove it manually.