What is the Microsoft Office 1612 error – How to fix it?

The 1612 error is a common Windows error message which typically shows when you install Microsoft Office XP SP1 onto your PC. This update bring several drastic changes for the Office suite of programs, and consequently has many different requirements which Windows needs to adhere to in order to allow its installation. The 1612 error shows when Windows cannot find the various programs on your PC, and is generally caused when you have a number of “stanalone” Office products installed on your system – such as Word & Excel.

The error will typically show in this format:

Error 1612. The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.
The way to fix this error is to basically handle the various installations of Office programs individually, allowing Windows to deal with them one-by-one. The first step to fixing the 1612 error is to use what’s known as the “Installation Cleanup Utility” from Microsoft. This is a program that Microsoft has designed to clean out any of the damaged files & settings that often cause problems for your programs, and should fix any issues that the installer you’re using might have, hopefully curing the 1612 error in the process.

The second step to fixing the 1612 error is to individually uninstall any of the Office programs you already have installed on your PC. If you have the likes of Word / Excel installed individually, you really need to get rid of them from your computer so that Office SP-1 can update the core files of Office as smoothly as possible.

On top of that, you should also use a “registry cleaner” tool to fix any of the potential errors & problems which will continually cause the 1612 error to appear. Registry cleaners are software programs designed to clean out any errors / problems from the “registry” of your system. The registry is a central database all Windows computers use to help them run as smoothly as possible, and is continually helping your system to recall a huge number of settings, from your desktop wallpaper to your installed programs. Unfortunately, the 1612 error is also one of the big causes of issues for Windows as it’s continually being damaged. You need to make sure that it’s not leading to any problems on your PC by using a registry cleaner to fix any potential problems that your system may have.

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