How to fix Gdi32.dll?

Gdi32.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file that contains a set of functionalities and programming code that is used for drawing graphics. You can find this dll file under the directory “C:\Windows\system32″. However, there are several reasons due to which this dll file can be damaged or corrupted and result to Gdi32.dll error messages as the ones below. Even though this sounds a little terrible, you are still able to fix Gdi32.dll error effectively by yourself.

“This application failed to start because Gdi32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
“Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: Gdi32.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.”
What will be caused by Gdi32.dll errors?
Gdi32.dll error is defined as a curious problem because it leads to a series of more complicated system error:

Gdi32.dll file is missing or corrupted.
There are wrong entries existing in Windows registry
Insufficient disk space
Incorrect settings of BIOS
Outdated device drivers
Improper installation/uninstalltion of application
How can you fix Gdi32.dll error effectively?
Relocate the Original File from the Installation disk. Most of the time, the Gdi32.dll error was caused by the mis-removal or corruption of the file on your computer. An original copy of this file will replace the one on the computer and remove the dll error immediately. You can simply perform the below steps to get this job finished:

Insert the Windows installation disc in your DVD Drive.
Click Start, then Run.
Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER.
Reinstall the programs causing the error. Most people will report seeing the Gdi32.dll error when running the specific applications. The problem which causes the error to show is down to the specific software programs being unable to read the file it requires to run. This problem can occur for a wide number of reasons, and can be fixed by re-installing the software that’s causing the errors to show. You can do this by clicking onto Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then locating the programs that are causing the error. You should click “Uninstall” next to the programs, which will uninstall them. After that, you should re-install the program by either downloading a new copy of it from the Internet or using the installation CD.
Run a full virus/malware scan of your entire system. Some Gdi32.dll errors could be caused by a virus or other malware infection as they are able to damage the DLL file.
Finally, check and fix registry errors. Corrupt registry entries are a major reason behind such Gdi32.dll errors. Registry plays as the main component of the operating system to save all important settings and options. Once something goes wrong, there is no doubt that you will get the dll errors again and again. Employ a reliable registry cleaner to automatically scan and fix incorrect registry entries.