Antivirus monitor Removal – How to Get Rid of Antivirus monitor From Your PC & Keep it Away

Antivirus monitor is what’s known in the industry as being a “rogue antivirus” infection. This basically means that it pretends to be an effective antivirus tool, but actually doesn’t do anything to protect your PC – it shows fake antivirus results and also tries to steal your personal data. If you have this virus, the bottom line is that you should not trust anything it says, and you need to make sure you remove it completely, to prevent any sort of return.

This virus will install itself into this folder on your PC:

c:\Program Files\Antivirus monitor
%UserProfile%\Application Data\Antivirus monitor
Although it may look like a legitimate program, the fact is that Antivirus monitor just a “front” for a whole series of other problems that will plague your PC unless you get rid of them. The issues that it has include the likes of having “key logger” programs installed on your system to monitor your personal data, as well as the LSS infection continually preventing access to key Windows features, including the Internet & Task Manager. It will have infected your computer from the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, fake antivirus scans online and malicious email attachments.

Removal of the Antivirus monitor program can be quite tricky, because of the way it’s been designed. Known as “malware” (malicious software), this virus basically works like an “iceberg” (the most dangerous part is hidden). It’s especially dangerous for your system because of the way it will install a large number of “key logger” programs onto your system. These programs work to monitor your personal details and also steal any data that may be on your PC, whilst the Antivirus monitor application basically tries to trick you into thinking that you have a series of viruses on your system.

To get rid of this virus, it’s highly recommended that you use what’s known as a “malware removal program”. These are software tools designed specifically to remove the likes of LSS from your PC – by scanning through all the different parts of your system and removing all the infected elements that are on there. From our tests, we have found that “Spyhunter” is by far the most effective removal tool for this virus.It works extremely well to remove all the elements of Antivirus monitor, and can be used by downloading the installer and then letting the software remove the various infected parts of the program.

You can remove Antivirus monitor by using the tutorial and tools on our website. Click Here to remove Antivirus monitor from your PC for good.