How to fix error code 28 manually?

Have you ever encountered the error code 28 messages on your computer? When trying to click on the Submit button one of my pages, I continuously get this error message “Operating system error code 28(The system cannot find the path specified.)” But I was lucky to get some solutions to deal with the error on my computer with the help of my friends. Here, based on my own experience, I will show you how to fix error code 28 quickly on your own computer.

Why Error code 28 occurs?

Though there are many reasons causing the error code 28, the mostly common ones will be listed below:

Malware attacks

Blue Screen of Death problems

System 28288 error

.dll errors and .exe errors

Runtime error 42889, runtime error 28817 and Microsoft runtime errors

System boot failure

Program uninstall/install failure

Driver update failure

From the above description, even though the causes of error code 28 seen a little complex, you are still able to solve it effectively on your computer. By following the below manual methods, you can quickly fix error code 28 on your computer.

How to fix error code 28 manually?

When getting the error code 28 on your screen, first you have to make sure that all the device drivers on your computer have been updated to the latest ones. In addition, you can also perform the below steps to deal with the error code 28.

1. Restart your computer. A simple computer restart might fix a fluke of error code 28 in your Device manager or BIOS.

2. Uninstall any change that made in your computer. When getting the error code 28 messages, you should think whether you have installed some new program in your computer recently. Sometimes, the program may do not work compatibly with other ones in your computer. By uninstalling the program and restarting your computer, the error code 28 would be fixed immediately.

3. Detect and remove any virus and worms from your computer. Virus, Trojans and worms are able to change your system setting and then cause error code 28. So, do not ignore to thoroughly scan and remove PC threats from your computer.

How to fix error code 28 automatically?

Besides the above solutions, fixing the Windows registry errors can also help to fix error code 28 on your computer. For a computer user, you should know that Windows registry is a database that used to store all important settings and options of the operating system to ensure its proper running. No matter when you install/uninstall a program from the computer, it will add/remove some entries from this database correspondingly and due to the frequent usages, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted. When the Windows fails to read its necessary entries or processes, you will come to the chance to get the error code 28. So, to get rid of this error code message from your computer, the last recommendation for you is to check and fix all registry errors. By the way, only with a compact and error-free registry database, can you always run the computer smoothly without problems.


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