How to Fix mfc80u.dll errors?

The mfc80u.dll file is part of MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) library and is used by various Microsoft applications, such as Visual C++, Microsoft C/C++, Visual C++.Net etc. By default, the mfc80u.dll file can be found normally in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\Bin. If it is not found in this location or missing, you will no doubt get different kinds of missing mfc80u.dll error messages.

Common causes for mfc80u.dll errors
Various reasons that can cause mfc80u.dll error, containing corrupt or incompatible mfc80u.dll file, missing mfc80u.dll file, dynamic link files damage, incorrect BIOS setting, registry files damage and malware issue.

Steps to fix mfc80u.dll errors
After learning the causes of the error, you should know that the first step to fix the error is to remove all PC threats from the computer. To do this, you can quickly download and run a powerful antivirus antispyware program. Besides, you should bear in mind that a hardware piece that you install on the PC could now bring in virus into your system! So, it is highly recommended that you should let the virus protection program running in the background to realtime detect and remove all potential threats to the computer that causing the error loading mfc80u.dll messages.

If the file is deleted from the computer either by virus infection or mistakenly by yourself, there is no doubt that you will continuously mfc80u.dll not found errors. At this time, the most effective and easiest way to solve the problem is to get back the file for your computer. You can easily do this job by performing one of the solutions below:

Restore the file from the recycle bin if you are able to locate it there.
Copy the mfc80u.dll file from other computer that using the same operating system and place it on your computer under c:\windows\system32
Download mfc80u.dll file from a trusted website
If the mfc80u.dll error message remains after applying the above steps, then you need to scan your PC to repair Windows registry. We know that the installation & uninstallation of software and the modification of any system components can corrupt or damage the Windows registry, leading to the mfc80u.dll error and other computer problems. Therefore, do remember to use Windows registry repair software to repair computer registry and fix the errors now.

Do you want to learn and fix mfc80u.dll error instantly? Run a free PC scan here and you will be able to troubleshoot & fix the dll error as quickly as you can.


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