Remove Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V – How To Get Rid Of Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V

Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V is a vulnerable worm that frequently infects into the system whenever the users access the social networking websites. These worms are comprised of illicit scripts that once getting inserted into the system replaces some of the vital entries of the system files. Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V bug targets the user account, stealing them and maintain a collection of the login details so as to track their account details. Additionally the bug also sends numerous suspicious links together with several messages to the hacked account.

The moment user login to their account the complete relevant information regarding the account is followed by the bug and accordingly this illegitimate bug sends all the details to its associated remote hacker system where these data are used for malevolent activity. Once user switches to this link it gets instantly installed into the system hard drive leading into harsh corruption of the essential system files. With the introduction of the threat lots of fake security pop-ups and warning messages start erupting on the user screen that keeps irritating the user.

This perilous threat often interrupts the security concerned application execution on the system turning to seize the user privacy details by means of fetching the confidential data of the system.

Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V not only corrupts the files that are compiled on the system hard drive but also transforms the registry database files with invalid and useless entries in it together with generating various wary files on the system. Therefore it gets necessary for the user to remove this scam worm as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this mission user is required to go through one of the following steps mentioned below;-

• Manual removal: – The manual removal of this worm requires tracking the entire associated files that are relevant with the bug along with the files that have got infected due to this bug and then remove them accordingly from the system.

• Automatic removal: – The automated method to remove Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V worm is generally recommended to the user as it doesn’t involve any risk of deletion of the system files. The automatic removal of the worm is possible with the help of the anti-Spyware program that instantly detects the location of the files that are associated with the worm and with the remove facility provided in the software user is able to remove Trojan:DOS/Rovnix.V worm more easily, fastly and safely without harming the existing files of the system.

In order to repair the infection caused by this worm user is needed to have the help of a proper PC optimizer program so as to repair and recover the consequent corrupted and inaccessible files. This software can be availed via the website with easy download facility provided there.


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